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Exercise Spending Restraint and Stay Financially Fit in 2016

Are you relieved that January has finally turned to February? We all know that even the best of intentions to eat less, exercise more and cut down on our expenditure can fall by the wayside half way through January, but listen up! That first difficult month may be over and hopefully you’ve tackled the financial hangover Christmas left you with, but that doesn’t mean it’s time for a blow-out. If you have not managed to sell your unwanted Christmas presents try to change your money saving strategy 🙂

Think about the whole of 2016 stretching before you with its marvellous possibilities. To stay financially strong throughout the year, you need to exercise some economic self-restraint. Just like any exercise, it takes motivation. And don’t worry – I’m not suggesting a strict regime. Making a few simple cutbacks on your day-to-day expenses can reap great rewards.

Savvy Savers

Ask yourself, do I really need that expensive coffee on the daily commute? Sacrificing a few little luxuries can help you pay for that relaxing sunshine break or that long over-due decorating. Honestly – watch the pennies and the pounds really will pile up. You may also wish to try to use some great budgeting apps such as Mint, GoodBudget or BillGuard.

Ten top budget tips will help you strengthen your finances. And the fun interactive quiz proves how just a few simple cost-cutting measures can fatten your piggy bank.

There’s also a Facebook competition to find Britain’s savviest saver, so share your money-saving tips to encourage the nation to stick to a healthy budget. As your finances get leaner, your piggy bank will get fatter and 2016 will shape up to be a fantastic year!

Once you get some money saved consider making the most of your money while getting even some more ROI (return on investment 😉 ) when following my latest post about earning money while setting up or switching to new bank accounts.

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