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Spend Well For Less – 6 Money Tips from Money Saving Girl

Building on the success of ‘Eat Well for Less’? BBC aired tonight ‘Shop Well For Less?’ fronted by The One Show presenter Alex Jones and BBC Breakfast’s Business correspondent Steph McGovern.

Today’s episode presented a rather unimaginative (in the way they spend)family of three. Kudos to them for willing to take part in the show and to reveal they bad spending habits…I am afraid their case is not isolated…

Looks like this family felt in pretty much every single spending trap…and their behaviour can once again remind us what not to do when spending money:

1. Do not spend all day long in the shopping centre treating shopping as a soul therapy every weekend!

2. Ask yourself ‘do I really need this’?

3. Do not believe that the bargain you see its the best deal you came across – proof is in your hand – google the item and you will see that in most cases this item price is way cheaper when purchased online, or if it is not you can most likely count on cashback or use some vouchers…

4. Try to compare how good are your branded items versus these unbranded ones. Many experiments prove that when unidentified during tests these products are hard to distinguish and do the very same if not a better job!

5. Choose which products you could easily spend less on e.g. toilet paper, cleaning products, fragrance & cosmetics etc.and simply find the best deal out there to save you money easily.

Save Money on Cosmetics

6. Shop ‘abroad’ – whenever I go abroad and I see that the products I use are way cheaper there I try to stock up to save on them when paying more for that one purchase of multiple items used by me every day. I also use AliExpress when I want to try really cheap products. However, with this one, I would advise being rather careful since some of the products found there look better on the picture so checking the sellers (reviews) is a must.

7. Research, research and once again research what you want to buy – reading more on the subject allows often to discover potential alternatives we didn’t know even existed before we had started our research 🙂

8. Need some more money? Read which bank accounts to go for to get the best ROI.

9. Use voucher sites such as Voucher Codes.

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