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Cheap iPads: How to buy the cheapest iPad, iPad Mini or iPad Pro

5 Tips for Saving Money when Buying an iPad

An iPad is a very handy device, allowing you to enjoy all the features you would use in a laptop with the added advantage of being as portable as any smartphone. The main problem with these devices – and other Apple products – is their price, making them unaffordable to most people. For instance, the 7.9″ Mini could incur you close to £500 while the 12.9″ Pro could set you back up to £1500. Despite the numerous reasons and benefits of owning one, the cost can be sometimes difficult to justify.

No need to despair. In this post, we will discuss some actionable tips for saving money when buying Apple products including iPads.

5 Tricks to Save Money when Buying an iPad

1. Buy Refurbished or Second Hand

Do not confuse refurbished products for used ones. Refurbished devices are those that have been taken back to the factory for improvements and addition of features. The main difference between the second hand and refurbished ones is that for refurbished Apple products, they have 100% certified functionality and are still covered by warranty. You could, therefore, slash up to $150 off the original price and still enjoy all the features and a great looking device.

You could also get a great deal by purchasing it from a friend, relative or acquittance looking to sell. Be sure to check the product well to ensure you will be getting what is advertised. In some instances, you could run into someone looking to convert a near-perfect device to some quick cash for an emergency. If their product fits your needs, why not get it from them at a price lower than the original? There are also great websites offering the buying and selling of second-hand devices (I love Latest Deals). You could make use of these to connect with a variety of sellers from whom you could find the deal that best suits you. However, exercise caution to avoid being dubbed into buying a piece of crap.

2. Buy Older Generations

Apple periodically releases new product models offering added features, better functionality and even better looks. These often come with an increase in price from the previous model. You can, therefore, save some hundreds by looking back at older generations when considering a purchase. By sacrificing a few features such as the Touch ID sensor and higher camera quality that may not have been present in past generations, you could get a device that matches both your needs and your budget. Since people have different needs, feel free to make a list of desired features and browse through older models to see if you will find something for you.

3. Smaller is Cheaper

The good thing with Apple products is that they come in a range of sizes. If you have no use for a large device, you could get the iPad mini, allowing you to enjoy all the features with the added advantage of increased portability and discreetness. What’s better is that the smaller versions come at reduced prices. For instance, a brand new 16GB Wi-Fi Mini 2 will cost only $269, and you can enjoy taking it to the gym, carrying around the house, and using it in other flexible situations, thanks to their small size.

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4. Check the Specific Feature

There are specific Apple features that vary from device to device and lead to differences in the price. A good example of this is storage and camera quality. When buying an Apple device, you should, therefore, know the specific features you will require – how much storage will you need, what camera quality you are okay with, the graphics that best suit your needs, etc. With such specifications in mind, you can browse the Apple catalogue for the cheapest iPad device that will still be able to meet your needs. Be careful not to go for the cheapest option as this could require you to upgrade later – making it even more expensive – to make it meet your requirements.

5. Trade-in your Devices

When buying a new product at an Apple Store, be it iPad, iPad mini or iPad Pro you have the option of trading in your old one for cashback. You can use this amount to top up your new purchase to help you in saving money. The cashback you will get depends on factors such as the initial price of the device, how long you have used it and its current condition. Apple even offers cashback for smartphones and devices from other manufacturers.

Apart from the Apple Store, you could also trade in your device for cash from other retailers offering recycling services. Using the cash received to top up your new purchase is an ideal way to slash off some previous bucks off your budget.

The above are just some of the few ideas that could help you save money on your iPad or other Apple devices. For all of the options provided, ensure you check out various retailers and providers for those offering the cheapest alternatives. Combining various money saving tips could also give you the most reasonable choice. For instance, you could trade in an older device for a mini-refurbished iPad for an incredibly low price. Enjoy your shopping!

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