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How to keep your new year resolutions in 2021

I am sure you have thought about your 2021 resolutions already as we are about to start 2021 …

2019& 2020 were extremely difficult years for me.

In 2019 I was working remotely then paused work & moved to Germany to be with my family. I also learned an awful lot about the biology of cell…I made interesting friendships and started focusing more and more on my own health… I realised what is really IMPORTANT in LIFE…

In 2020 I grieved….The emotions I went through were so strong, mixed and illogical its hard to describe with words. But I tried here & here….

With all that, my outlook on life has changed 180 degrees…The realisation that life is fragile was a theme of the past year…It was such a difficult year that frankly speaking it has been hard not to get depressed….

But today I was reading Medium and saw this passage:

When we don’t want to be doing something anymore it’s time to take action

The faster we can take action, the faster we can move on from our depression.

The obstacle is the way.

and decided not to give in to the low mood permanency but time will show if I am successful…So in order not to get totally depressed, my 2021 spiritual resolutions will be:

Did you know that only about 8% will achieve their NY resolutions? 

75% of those who are setting 2021 resolutions will follow them after the 1st week of the year 25% will forget about them … 

How to stick to the resolutions? 

I intend to read them out every morning to stay on top of them beyond January 2021.  It is also important to realise that for example, better health doesn’t come from running yourself ragged and deprivation. It comes from small shifts in everyday habits that add up over time.

Isn’t that a relief? We don’t have to do more; we just need to do the right things. So I hope you will also find your right combo and stick to it 🙂

What else we can do to achieve NY resolutions?

Be like a marketing manager and make them SMART

  • S-specific or for me simple
  • M-measurable – get a journal or partner in crime to motivate you
  • A-attainable – 3 achievable resolutions are better than 10 unachievable 
  • R-realistic – ambition is a beautiful virtue but realism will allow you to stay on track
  • T– time frame is important 

It’s hard to stick to the resolutions if they’re not actionable and achievable. Furthermore, it is important to track progress… Maybe getting a beautiful journal for saving progress is a good idea?

Believe it or not but checking progress is actually motivating us, did you notice that it is easier to start the workout or studying or almost anything else when we do it with a friend? 

So if a journal tracking is not a good idea how about you convince your partner, friend or family member to cultivate some new habits with you? Or maybe create a visual representation of your resolutions? A few years ago I had a dream map. I was cutting off images close to my desires and placing them on a paper in a collage form. You wouldn’t believe but I have achieved most of that a decade later…the map is now a nice reminder of my successful past…

Ensure that your resolutions are not too tough, its good to be ambitious but it is better to change the old habits gradually as if we don’t have a sense of achievement but feel rather overwhelmed we are set to fail… 

I am a high achiever so my friends aren’t surprised to see my long ‘to do’ list. But I have male friends who have a minimalistic concept of doing a maximum of 3 things per day. I believe it’s better to do 3 things per day rather than 0 so that the minimalistic concept may pay off too.

Ah, I forgot to add SHARE, SHARE, SHARE  – almost anything we set out to achieve is easier to do if we share our plans with family and friends. Unsure if it’s an ego thing or some sort of motivation mechanism but it works. So, for now, I would like to share with you my nonspiritual resolutions for 2021 and these are:

  1. Testing healthier diets. I suffer from some chronic pains..Even though my conditions seem to be not related to food per se I d like to take better care of my microbiome and gut. For that, I need to test a gluten-free and dairy-free diet as ideologically I believe these are good moves as lower inflammation and inflammation are linked to many illnesses… 
  2. Run or take any form of mindful exercise (I love yoga) which will help me lower my levels of cortisol. Meditation with Joe Dispenza could be a good idea too… 
  3. Read all the books I have got recently but didn’t have time to read… especially those in diet and anti-aging subjects. I should also try to read more often in German so I don’t forget this language in the absence of using it 
  4. Focus on this blog as I neglected my audience in 2019 for which I can only apologise… Personal circumstances took a priority – I am sure you understand… 
  5. Book holidays as I haven’t been away on holidays since Sep17.. As per the Post office annual survey, Bulgaria or Spain (Algarve) are the cheapest European destinations. 
  6. DIY the house if I find the strength… 
  7. Volunteer starting with supporting my dear friend Daniel from Cancertreatmentsresearch.com so that we both can help more cancer patients and especially kids suffering from cancer
  8. Spend more time with people who make me happy and care about me and spend more time with Luna 🙂 
  9. Ride more as my R3 is getting dust… and actually, maybe get the registration plate I wanted to get for quite a while. Having checked the prices on NewReg – apparently, they offer ‘the lowest price guarantee’. I see that many variations are affordable.

What are your 2021 resolutions? 

I hope you create a good plan which allows you to stick to your resolutions as it’s proven that people who set the resolution are determined to fulfill them as they like challenging themselves and become better in the process. So take the first step towards a positive change. 

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