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Money saving tips UK 2021

Top Money Saving Tips for 2021- UK

Looking for money saving tips in the UK 2021? *We have some great ideas to get you save more ! *My today post comes from Anna Rozanka a blogger and YouTuber. Anna leads a popular Panda Boss YouTube channel.

Money saving tips UK 2021 shared by Anna:

  1. Budgeting
  2. Meals Planning & Batch Cooking
  3. Coffee Buying Habits
  4. Food Shopping Savings
  5. Money Saving apps & sites
  6. Apple Products Savings

How to save money UK

Despite having really well-paid jobs, I spent the majority of my 20’s completely saddled with debt. A constant cycle of adding more debt, making repayments, then refinancing to add more debt again. 

It wasn’t until I went through a really tough time in my life that I “saw the light” and decided enough was enough. 

I didn’t want to spend the rest of my life owing other people money, and having to work in jobs I hated because I had debts or a mortgage. That’s when I really focused on my finances, and since then

I have paid off £25k of debt in less than 11 months, saved a decent emergency fund as well as invested £6k. 

And believe me when I say – if I can do it, so can you. 

Anna Rozanka aka Panda Boss

So, whether you’re here just to save a few extra pounds, or whether you are on a similar journey to getting out of debt, I’m here to tell you my top money saving tips to help you wherever you are on your journey. 

Best money saving tips UK

Start budgeting on a daily basis

This is the single most important money saving tip I can give you. I’m not kidding! This played a huge role in my debt-free journey. And whilst this may seem like a strange addition to a money saving tips article, this will genuinely save you tons of money.

How? Well, when you really start seeing the numbers on a spreadsheet and how they affect your future budgets, you will likely stop spending on a lot of things. 

Call it a psychological factor, if you will. 

The best sort of budgeting spreadsheet you can have, is one that shows you what your balances will be a few months down the line. Most people budget on a monthly basis, but they don’t really forward plan – and therein lies the mistake. 

As an example, you may think you have £200 spare this month, but not remember that in 3 months’ time you have a big payment/birthday, which will put you into overdraft if you spend that £200 this month. 

Forward planning will help you really control your finances and save lots of overdraft fees and headaches.

Get a budgeting app or Kakebo finance journal. Checking the apps and keeping an eye on the balances may motivate you to spend less or plan more how to spend your money. Some apps f.e EMMA allow you to see your spend in cycles dictated by your payday.

Money Saving Gitl tip

Food Inventory and Meal Planning

Food inventory and meal planning helped me save huge amounts of money. I went from spending about £350-400 a month on food for myself, to about £150-200 per a given month.

Planning out all your meals makes you much less likely to order takeaways – everyone knows that, right? 

But creating a food inventory is a second layer you can add, for even more savings! The idea is essentially this – create a spreadsheet where you keep track of ALL the food you own; and I mean everything – your cupboards, your fridge and your freezer! 

Bonus points if you can add best before dates. 

This small and simple tip saved me re-buying food every month purely as a result of forgetting I already have 10 cans of it in the back of my cupboard, and also saved me from letting food go to waste and have to be thrown away. 

It may be a lot of work upfront, but once you’ve set it up, it’s just a case of maintaining it. 

I follow a lovely downshiftology to get some healthy batch cooking ideas.

Money saving Girl

Coffee… (sorry!)

If you’re someone who could get staff discount at Starbucks because you’re there more than some of their staff, then my biggest tip here is to buy a coffee machine (or even better, just coffee from the supermarket! Unfortunately I’m too much of a coffee snob myself…). 

You might think coffee is “just” £3, but have you ever done the numbers? Perhaps coffee shops shutting for months has helped you realise this, but if it hasn’t, let’s look at some numbers. 

If you have one coffee a day, 5 days a week you’re looking at £15 a week. £780 a year. 

I am pretty sure that could pay for a decent return flight to a beautiful destination… is the coffee worth it? 

In non-COVID-19 times I am getting a free cup of coffee from NERO when physically active and earned 12 points on Vitality.

Money Saving free coffee

Food Shopping 

Another tip that has really helped me save money is actually being mindful of what I’m buying. 

For example – if you can’t really tell the difference between rice from a top brand in Sainsbury’s and basic rice from Aldi or Lidl, why not go for the significantly cheaper option

I would still buy certain foods from the more expensive brands, simply because I don’t want to compromise on taste, but where I can’t tell the difference in taste I will go for the cheaper option. 

There’s also the price per 100g / price per kg etc. This is something you should always check, and go for the cheaper option if you are able to. It will end up saving you a lot over a period of time. So yes, the bigger peanut butter might be more expensive to buy upfront, but it is probably cheaper per 100g than the smaller one which means over the long term you will be better off. 

Money saving apps & sites

There is always an app or a website ‘for that’. I rely on Shopmium and GreenJinn. I also like Shelf Scraper described alongside other sites or apps saving us money on the grocery. I also started using my voice assistant aka ALEXA more often to get free samples. For any other goods, I google their price, check the ‘image search’, and use Idealo to check which retailer offers me the best price right now as well as to check the historical price data.

Apple Products Savings 

My final tip for you will be around how to save money on buying Apple products. Here’s the short version: don’t buy them at full price! 

Always look for discounts in reputable retailers. As an example, when I purchased my Macbook Pro, Curry’s PC World had around £300 off the retail price for the model I wanted. 

Next, a good idea is to trade in your old model for some more cashback. I got around £270 for trading in my old Macbook Pro into Curry’s. I had purchased it around 7 years ago, so I was shocked to learn I could get this much money off, especially since my main reason for upgrading was the fact it was barely working. 

Lastly, don’t buy the latest model. Apple products depreciate in value significantly as soon as a newer model comes out. As an example, I used to pay £50 a month for my phone contract when I had the newest phone. When my contract ended, I stayed with the same phone and now pay only £15, however, if I wanted to get a new version of the same phone I would have been paying around £30 a month – still a significant £20 saving on the original price. 

Hopefully, you’ve found some of these money saving tips useful, and will incorporate them into your life to be on your way to financial freedom! 

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I am not Martin Lewis but Martyna aka Money Saving Girl. When I first came to the UK I was on a super tight budget, so I know how hard it is not to have money or how to get creative to get 'more for less'. I share with you my money saving tips about anything which worked for me. Be it free samples, shopping tricks, iTunes, various discount apps, websites and reward programs. Occasionally I write about traveling or insurance.

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