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Lidl Plus App – How to get vouchers and coupons?

Lidl Pluss app walk through 🙂

I occasionally shop at LIDL especially more often I get LIDL shopping offers via post…its tempting to go through the fancy leaflet and hard not to find anything drawing ones attention…

As every supermarket has some loyalty and shopping discount scheme I was wondering what does LIDL do…

Does LIDL have a loyalty scheme?

Yes, they do its called Lidl Plus and indeed can save money, get coupons and make shopping at LIDL more enjoyable.

LIDL app
LIDL app

Isn’t LIDL one of the cheapest UK supermarkets?

Yes Lidl is already one of the cheapest supermarkets in the UK. So in the past there were not many vouchers for a shop done in LIDL. Sometimes there were printouts in METRO/ Evening Standard getting us £5 off the shopping of £40+…

Why Lidl released LIDL Plus app?

I guess LIDL Plus app gpt released to:

  • to increase your engagement when shopping which in turn translates on more spent in the supermarket 🙂
  • be as modern as the other high street supermarkets when it comes to discount schemes

Let’s see how the LIDL app saves us money and if it is worth of our phone’s memory 😉

What Is Lidl Plus?

Lidl Plus is a reward mobile phone app (available on iOS and Android), which LIDL promises is to make big savings, especially with their weekly coupons and prizes, and more…The app also allows you to see your past purchases and browse the latest LIDL deals and offers ( the same as in their paper leaflets).

Once downloaded you need to sign up and you can start using it! You can maxmise your grocery shopping saving when getting Coupon Plus.

How does the LIDL app work?

Aside from going for the items discounted from LIDL’s leaflet you can save money when you reach a targeted amount of money spent in store, you get to unlock more rewards and more coupons each month. You get it via Coupon Plus.

The LIDL app allows you to scratchcard every time you scan your app. That way you can win more vouchers and discounts on your next grocery shop.

What is Coupon Plus?

It’s yet another way to save money with Lidl Plus app. Every coupon lasts for one calendar month and you can earn money off coupons when reaching certain spend targets. Scan your LIDL app at the till whenever you do your shopping at LIDL for your qualifying send to be added to your Coupon Plus monthly running total. Check T&S for more details.

How does LIDL app work
How does LIDL app work

What happens when I reach a Coupon Plus target?

Your money-off coupon will show in the ‘Coupon’ section of your app after reaching a spending target. Check the date on your coupon as you have 7 days from the date of receipt to use it.

Can I carry over my Coupon Plus monthly spend?

No, each Coupon Plus lasts for one calendar month. Your monthly send cant be carried over to the next month.

What happens when you return an item bought in LIDL?

The value of the refund will be deducted from your Coupon Plus monthly qualifying spend.

How often new Vouchers are available on Lidl Plus UK?

The vouchers/coupons change every Thursday. At the time of writing, there are 5 coupons available to you when you download the app, and set up your account.

How Do I redeem my digital coupons in LIDL?

When in the app go to the “coupons” tab and activate voucher offers you like. Then scan your Lidl Plus card QR code from the app when at the till. The items from coupon offers should show at a discounted price on your receipt.

How much can you save with Coupon Plus every month?

£12 in total:

  • if you spend £100 in-store you get a £2 coupon
  • if you spend £200 in-store you get a £10 coupon

These coupons have no minimum spend limit and can be spend anytime, so ultimately its free food 😉 The app reminds you how many days left to earn the free money.

This extra saving is worth only if you do your regular shopping at LIDL and happen to hit the targets not necessarily to aim to hit them as you may be spending more than saving as a result!

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What prizes can I win with the LIDL Scratchcards?

You can win the value of your shop when you receive the scratchcard or a Spin of Surprises (up to £20) , or a variety of product-specific discount coupons.

Why didn’t I get a digital scratchcard or Spin of Surprises after my purchase?

After each qualifying purchase, you should be getting a scratchcard or a Spin of Surprises depending on which campaign is currently running. To figure out why you didn’t get either one running check:

  • if you scanned your LIDL app at the till when finalising your shopping
  • if you are online
  • if you haven’t done any purchases in a period of less than an hour before this one ( there is only one spin or scratchcard per hour)
  • if your shopping didn’t include any excluded items such as baby formula (check T&Cs for details)

Store Past Receipts

Every time when you shop at Lidl and scan your Lidl Plus Card, your receipts are saved into your app. That way you can track your weekly spend which helps when you are budgeting.

Can I add a receipt to the app if I didn’t scan my LIDL Card in-store?

Unfortunately there is no such backtracking functionality! You must scan your app in the supermarket to get the receipt uploaded into the app after your shopping at LIDL (it may take up to 48 hours for the receipt to show up in the app).

Partner Offers

As with any app these days there are some more offers within LIDL Plus app available under ‘ Partners offers’.

At the time of writing this post, the offers currently available are:

  • 25£ for switching energy with Uswitch –I found a better deal though here
  • 6 month day out with the kids’ membership
  • 2 Month free pet insurance with Waggek
  • 6 months free TIDAL premium music streaming
  • Free 2 months subscription to Ready app
  • 15% off Tough Mudder UK Adult tickets
  • 40% off cinema tickets with the Cinema Society
  • 50% off Lidl Mudder tickets

Are you convinced to using the new Lidl Plus app to save more money with the vouchers & offers available in the app?

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