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✅ Supermarket Price Comparison

What are good supermarket price comparison sites?

There are some good supermarket price comparison apps and sites replacing MySupermarket app. No matter if you do online shopping or offline grocery the below supermarkets comparison is to help you save money and find the best price for the items you get. I looked at big supermarkets as well as the smaller ones.

❓How to compare supermarket prices following MySupermarket closure?

There are a few price comparison apps and sites compared for you below. You may also want to look for the table checking all comparison sites & apps side by side for quick and easy analyse any supermarket.

❓ Why did mySupermarket shut down?

I loved using that site to compare my weekly grocery shopping prices and to know if some supermarkets’ deals were ‘true’. Sadly the site got closed down on 1st of March 2020 after 14 years of operating! Apparently, they wanted to focus their activity on other business ideas. I reckon they had a huge audience but believe most of the visitors did not follow the shops from their comparison tool hence the model was not sustainable to maintain.

❓ Why was MySupermarket so unique?

It allowed us to search for an item of interest to see how much it costs in a chosen grocery but also across 14 other shops it has in its comparison menu.

The average basket price was easy to calculate across the most popular supermarkets and then you could easily see which place saves you the most money on your grocery shopping…

I loved the fact that the app allowed us to check if the grocery deals were real as they tracked historical prices, so we were able to see if the ‘current deal’ is a deal indeed. Sort of like those graphs from CamelCamelCamel or PriceSpy   

Mysupermarket was saving us up to 30% on food shopping.

Compare supermarket prices in the UK- 2021

❓ Is there My supermarket alternative?

Yes, Trolley.co.uk is a free online price comparison website established in 2021.

Aside from that site, there are a few other sites and apps focusing on low price shopping comparisons.

There is also a site that collates promotions and shows printed shopping deals as you sometimes get through your post.

What does Trolley do?

Trolley.co.uk is the British newest grocery comparison website. It compares thousands of brands and products from supermarkets and shops across the UK. It is aimed to find the best prices for your everyday items. Its FREE and they say they intend the site to stay that way as it grows.

They compare:

  • 14+ supermarkets
  • 130k products
  • 7k Brands

❓Which supermarkets can you compare on supermarket comparison sites:

Most of the high street brands:

Some sites analyse also ALDI and LIDL (Comparasaurus).

Is the Latest Deals supermarket app any good?

It’s ok as it’s free and easy to use. It covers most of the top supermarkets but it doesn’t calculate the total basket price. You can only compare 1 item price at a time. But I don’t know any site or app replicating mySupermarket total basket price and switching the shop opportunity.

The new comparison app has been created by the owners of the Latest Deals and covered the gap following mySupermarket closure.

The price comparison app is available on Android and iOs and compares the prices of food at the biggest UK shops such as:

It’s a grocery comparison app rather than a comparison website. That is the first difference between them and mySupermarket. It is created to do price spot checks as sadly it won’t compare the supermarket prices of full baskets of grocery shopping the way mySupermarket did…

Sometimes when the results are not displayed it means that the shop site is down or there is a queue system. They also do not include all supermarkets as LIDL is missing.

I love to check it when doing my online grocery shopping and am curious if certain ‘slightly more expensive items are discounted elsewhere so if I happen to be doing offline shopping I can swap the shops to get some of the offline deals that way.


It is Comparasuarus is another supermarket price comparison app. It is available on iOS and Android but it is a bit different from the Latest Deals comparison app. It does not only check the big shops but also includes the German low price stores: ALDI and LIDL. It’s quite a simple app so if you need anything more advanced look further..

❓ How does the Latest Deals app differ from Comparasaurus?

  • The Latest Deals app groups the same products together to help you compare the food price across different shops.
  • Comparasaurus shows the price of each product, Latest Deals app include the price per kg/ml so that you can find the cheapest product to buy when considering its price per unit
  • The Latest Deals app show the online stock currently available to purchase so you know if a certain store is stocked in items you are after 
  • Comparasaurus checks the supermarkets which the Latest Deals app does but also includes price analysis from LIDL & ALDI. Something not currently available within the other app. 

❓ What is the best supermarket comparison tool?

Hard to answer objectively as it all depends on your preferences. I like Shelf Scraper.

Shelf Scraper

Shelf Scraper is an amazing basic supermarket price comparison toolShelf Scraper gives you the price of the sought-for item, across all main supermarkets. 

On top of comparing prices, it also shows the price per unit, so you know if it’s it’s a better value overall. As an analyst I love it.

Is Which a grocery price comparison site?


If you are a member of Which you can use their price comparison supermarket tool. They compare supermarket prices monthly. However, the analysis includes only 60-100 items rather than the products you want to buy.

I personally wouldn’t want to pay £9.75 per month for this service alone. But I guess if there are any valid reasons to get Witch membership this is one more nice tool to have to use in the price of the actual membership:-)

You can currently sign up for the first month for only £1 so it’s worth a look.

❓ What is the cheapest supermarket in the UK?

In November 2020 ASDA was named the cheapest supermarket as per Which? latest report.

Based on data from the Government and Which the cheapest UK’s supermarkets have been named. The winner changes depending on how the results are calculated but as per Which analysis (March 2020) the cheapest supermarkets are:

  • Lidl
  • Aldi
  • ASDA

Which Which? did compare the prices of 74 branded & own-label items at Aldi, Asda, Lidl, Morrisons, Ocado, Sainsbury’s, Tesco and Waitrose daily in 2022.

Another report done by the app Alertr, tracked the price of the 43 items highlighted in the Government’s Consumer Price Index ‘shopping basket’ on a week-by-week basis. As per that report, Asda was the cheapest supermarket to shop for between May and July 2020.

That changes all the time and the result depends on the produce, its quantity, and report methodology.

One would say that LIDL or ALDI are probably the cheapest but I don’t think it’s the case as they have limited amounts of produce in their shops compared to the bigger players so that comparison is not a fair one.

Having said that a basket of fruit and vegetables from LIDL or ALDI may be actually cheaper than their equivalent from the bigger chains. It’s best to check our desires to buy products and then work out where to shop. I personally love Waitrose and Tesco but my partner does shop at Morrisons…

Lately, I can see some great deals on Amazon and I always bring cosmetics and nuts from Poland (well when baggage space allows) as usual, that’s the cheapest over there when compared to the UK.

❓How can I reduce my food shop spending?

  • Sign up for loyalty cards, savings clubs, etc. My fav ones are myWaitrose, ClubCard or Nectar – as they say at Tescos ‘every little help’  
  • Sign up for email lists and newsletters. These may surprise you with the deals shared rather regularly.
  • Did you consider scanning your shopping? I don’t mean self-scan at the supermarket when shopping – I mean with a ‘shop & scan’ scanner from Shop & Scan or Nielsen? Each scanned shop gives you points and once you get to a certain threshold you can exchange those for reward cards at the retailer(s) of your choice. I usually ‘earn’ £60 per year that way:-) 
  • Supermarket swapping from time to time may give you an idea of how the same item is priced elsewhere.
  • Go to ‘World Food’ sections as often some produce is much cheaper there than in the regular place for a given product. For example, I get polish kefir as it’s as nice as the British one yet much cheaper when you compare unit prices 
  • Use apps as ‘Too Good to Go’ or OLIO.
  • Do not forget about SAVERS & Pound Shops:-)–> that is admittedly more suited to cosmetics shopping though.
  • Finally, use Facebook groups related to saving money in various supermarkets

How do you compare prices at the supermarkets you get your grocery from?

What supermarket works for you?

Want to know more about saving money at LIDL, read my latest post about LIDL Pluss app.

Where do I shop?

As I love nearby TESCO I used to go there weekly before coronavirus lockdowns.  I also shopped at Waitrose as it was close to my work and they kept sending me vouchers so it was hard to resist saving 25% (I usually got 8£ off on a shop of at least 40£) so even though Waitrose is one of the most expensive supermarkets in the UK (according to Which) if one planned the shop cleverly it didn’t appear to be a bad value…

Since the lockdowns, I do my online shopping at TESCO and rarely at Waitrose (even though they have free delivery). I guess shopping at Waitrose without vouchers or when not getting myWaitrose perks is not as cost-efficient also they realised people were adding their free magazine to increase the spend qualifying for the vouchers and since removed that spend from the qualifying total. As I have Vitality health insurance I can get 10-15% (depending on the fitness level per month) or more cashback on the healthy food at Waitrose, so sometimes I use that perk.

Did you know?

People who shopped whilst tired spent an extra £14.53 each time.

People who shopped whilst hungry also spent more with around 59% of shoppers increasing their purchases due to rumbling tums.

The Money Advice Service – 2016 study

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