Saturday , 21 October 2017

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How to organise mega cheap trip to Sardinia?

It is possible to fly to Sardinia and not to spend loads of money on the trip. 1. Go to scyscanner and book cheap flights from the UK to Italy, or more specifically from the UK to Sardinia. You can use one of the great money savings apps.Try to choose …

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Money Saving Apps

Associating to my last post about finding cheap flights online today I would like to share with you a few money saving tips for planning your travel when using some great apps. PINTRIPS The invention of the app was dictated by real life experience…Stephen Gotlieb (CEO of Pintrips) became irritated …

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How to create great gift boxes yourself

How to create fantastic gift boxes on a budget Creating gift boxes could be a great fun, with so many creative ideas which could be found online your present box could be a great present itself..   Surprise your kids with animal present boxes, visit Rachel’s webpage to follow the …

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5 Tips on buying cheap prescription glasses

prescription glasses

In a search for ideal prescription glasses… We all know how expensive it could be to get a new pair of prescription glasses. Even though that the frames are in a competitive prices all the cost rise drastically when lenses are customised and added to our final glasses purchase… There are …

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How to find cheap flights

Cheap flights

Some time ago I was trying to buy a cheap plane ticket back home (to Poland) and it was rather expensive period because just before Christmas…. However I managed to come up with a good way of fixing myself a cheap tickets wherever I go, sorry fly… Here are the …

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How to travel by train for less

Do you travel often by rail? Now you can save money when getting a free railcard. How? Once you register on The Daily Mail website you can get a free railcard  and you will be able to save money every time you travel by train. They are giving away free railcards …

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High Speed Training

I have come across a nice website recently. Thy offer high speed training at reasonable price and in a very pleasant way via audio videos. Since I have been setting up my business lately I decided to check whats their Business Course is like and decided to go for a …

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