Wednesday , 21 February 2018

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Travel North to save money when buying a used car

save money on used cars

June 18th, Shropshire – JT Hughes, a chain of car dealerships in Shropshire and Powys, has recently conducted a study which looked at the price difference between used cars on sale in the north of the UK compared to used cars on sale in the South. Here is a brief …

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Water suppliers in London and in the UK

Water Companies

Contracts exchanged, house insured now it is high time to take care of my water suppliers..But how to choose? How many water suppliers do we have in London? There are 25 water suppliers currently covering England, Wales and Scotland. 2 out of them serve in London and around. –  Affinity …

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Save money on international calls with a new app from Tesco

Tesco low cost app

Tesco has today announced the launch of an innovative new smartphone app that will help customers tackle the cost of calling internationally from both home and abroad. Available in time for the World Cup and holiday season, the app is free and available now on the Apple App Store and Google …

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How to get the best broadband deals online

Britain's best broadband

Having bought a home insurance it is the high time to secure some quality broadband deal…but how to chose from countless amount of offers available online? It looks like commuting by tube may help…to discover companies we haven’t heard of before. That is how I came across of SimplyfyDigital – a …

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How to choose a cheap home insurance painlessly

Baby Oleg

So you are just about to exchange your contracts and get the dream house…but before you do so you need to get the home insurance since this is a condition for your bank to finally give you the offered mortgage…And here starts the research… How to choose from millions of …

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How to save money with bespoke offers from Barclaycard?

Fashion Vouchers

Fancy truly amazing deals on days out, travel, health & beauty treatments or fine dining discounted by half price or more? Nothing simpler, visit bespoke offers to choose from many categories featuring various money saving products and services and enjoy shopping on a budget. bespoke offers from Barclaycard is a …

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Beat the 2014 Budget – Save on Alcohol

Save Money on Alcohol

With the Budget being released on little over a month ago, alcohol is expected to be hit by inflation-busting rises again. Here’s how ordinary consumers can beat the Budget. George Osborne’s budget which was released on Wednesday (19th March) at 12.30pm, and Alcohol is expected to be hit yet again with …

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Sainsbury Top Brand Saving you Money on Toilet Paper

Interesting bathroom fact

London 2nd May – Today sees Sainsbury’s basic toilet roll awarded the best overall performer in study by  The tests have been undertaken to stop consumers flushing their money down the toilet and help shoppers more savvy decisions when it comes to the cost and quality of the toilet paper they buy. …

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