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What To Do If You’re Concerned About Losing Your Job

There have been so many different things to worry about during the course of the pandemic. We worried about whether our masks were going to be protection enough when we went to the supermarket. We worried about whether we were going to be able to juggle home-schooling our kids while we were working from home. We worried about keeping everyone safe while making sure that our parents and other relatives were staying healthy. It’s been more than a year of incredible stress, but one of the most worrying things that many of us have had to deal with is our job security.  The chances are good that you have been put on furlough at some point during the pandemic.  You may have already been made redundant once already in the last fifteen months. Even if you have worked solidly through COVID-19, the state of the UK business …

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BEst Stockbrokers in the UK- how to choose

Best stockbrokers in the UK

How and why to use stockbrokers? Stockbrokers are the platform/person between you and the stock market. They buy and sell shares on your behalf. Experienced stockbrokers will aim to get the best possible spread (the difference between the value of your shares at the time of buying vs selling) on …

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Trading on Forex

How to trade on Forex like a PRO?

Top Conditions to Trade Foreign Currencies like a pro Every single year, millions of people join the currency trading business just to tweak their luck and bring themselves a fortune. Most time they join the market with a tiny amount of knowledge about it. They have seen someone from their …

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10 Things Everyone Needs to Know About Money – Book Review

10 Things Everyone Needs to Know About Money – Book Review This month I came across the book ’10 Things Everyone Needs to Know About Money’ written by Lind Davies and read it in a couple of days. Coming from an investment banker I didn’t expect this book to be …

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Lidl app

Lidl Plus App – How to get vouchers and coupons?

Lidl Pluss app walk through 🙂 I occasionally shop at LIDL especially more often I get LIDL shopping offers via post…its tempting to go through the fancy leaflet and hard not to find anything drawing ones attention… As every supermarket has some loyalty and shopping discount scheme I was wondering …

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Amazon Prime Day June 2021

Amazon Prime Day 2021

Amazon Pages to visit during Amazon Prime Day 2021 1. When is Amazon Prime in the UK in 2021? Amazon Prime Day is held between 20-21 of June 2021 in the UK. 2. Can you get Amazon Prime for free? Yes, short or long term depending on your situation. For …

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2021 🍂TopCashBack autumn treats clues & answers🍂

This is an old comp from Sep-2021–> The CURRENT one is here: Today on 22/09/2021 TopCashBack started another edition of TCB Autumn giveaway! This time its Autumn Treats 🙂 Can you guess what today’s top clue is? Find the hummingbird & pick up some student treats for a chance …

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Cheapest supermarkets in the UK

✅ Supermarket Price Comparison

What are good supermarket price comparison sites? There are some good supermarket price comparison apps and sites replacing MySupermarket app. No matter if you do online shopping or offline grocery the below supermarkets comparison is to help you save money and find the best price for the items you get. I looked at big supermarkets as well …

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