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Send Me a Sample – freebies made easy

What is send me a sample?

Send Me a Sample is the world’s first voice-activated product samples testing platform.It allows us to voice request free product samples via Amazon Alexa & Google Assistant, to be delivered directly to our homes.

Is Send me a Sample free?

Send me a sample products are totally free. The service is legal.

What products can I get on Send me a sample in October 2020?

There are 30,000 samples of SB Reserve CBD oil samples available between 27th August 2020 – 31st December 2020 in the UK. The samples are available only on Google Assistant.

NARS instant volume Climax Extreme mascara was so popular that it’s out of stock now. On 26th of October 2020 they released more NARS Iconic Lipsticks! They may show up and be quickly gone though, so keep checking.

How do I get a free sample from Send me a Sample?

Read the below instructions to understand how to receive a FREE sample of NARS mascara or SB Reserve CBD Oil 🙂

You don’t need to google free stuff offers anymore, you also don’t need to fill in the long forms to receive free samples.  The voice request takes care of receiving the freebies in the most seamless and quick way possible. You can also try Google Assistant if you don’t own Alexa voice assistant.

I used Google Assistant to get my free whisky sample back in 2019. I was actually away from home yet curious how it works so I followed the steps given to me by Send Me a Sample UK when using Google Assistant 🙂

free CBD oil sample
SB Reserve CBD oil sample

If you get stuck when getting SB Reserve CBD sample- scroll down I walk you through the process below ( with images).

How do you enable Send Me a Sample on Alexa or Google Assistant?

  1. Find the Send Me a Sample voice skill on the Amazon Alexa and click ‘enable’. On Google Assistant, simply say “Hey Google, Ask send me a sample for NARS” 
  2. Create a Send Me a Sample account (linking your assistant to the site/app will allow them to know where to send the free sample to!–> you only need to do it once) you need to be over 18 to get alcohol samples 🙂
  3. Return to your voice assistant and say  “Hey Google, Ask send me a sample for NARS” or “Alexa send me a sample for NARS’.
  4. For Carte Noir, coffee sample ask your assistant: “Ask Send Me a Sample for Carte Noire coffee”. 

Now you are set up to receive freebies using 1 voice sentence 🙂

How long do free samples take to arrive?

Free samples are available to UK and US customers and arrive in around 2 weeks. But if you happen to live in Germany they send samples released for that market too. Some samples are restricted to the UK market so if you are outside of the UK you may be not able to use your voice assistant when over there.

Can voice assistant send me a sample offers as soon as they become available?

Ok so you ask how quickly will you be notified about the samples and if you can do anything to be ‘ahead of the notification’?

In the past they sent the following free samples:

  • Free Whisky Ginger by Johnnie Walker ( UK & DE)
  • Free Bacardi (in DE only)
  • Free Zendium toothpaste sample (10,000 samples)
  • Free Lidl Lupilu newborn nappies sample (1,240 samples)
  • Free Dunkin’ Shot in the Dark coffee (UK & DE)
  • Free Issey Miyake perfume sample (UK & DE)
  • Free Regenerate toothpaste (UK & DE)
  • Jean-Paul Gaultier perfume sample
  • La Espanola Olive Oil sample – UK
  • BBC Good Food Magazine – UK
  • BBC TopGear Magazine – UK
  • NARS lipsticks (UK)
  • Carte Noire (UK)
  • SB Reserve CBD (UK) – ongoing until the end of 2020!

How to get SB Reserve CBD if you get stuck?

First of all, whatever assistant you are using it MUST be linked up to SEND ME A SAMPLE (steps above).

I have my GoogleAssistant linked up but I still got stuck (unsure why as my account is linked up to the service) when trying to use my GoogleAssistant to get free NRAS lipstick…So talking to your Alexa or Google won’t help.

When on press this button:

Then you can say or type ( that save you from saying NURSE not NARS 😉 what you are after:

send me a sample request
I actually went for the mascara as I have plenty of lipsticks at home 🙂

How can I ensure I get a free sample?

There is a certain amount of free samples available but there are clever ways to ensure you get them as soon as possible:

  • You can keep coming back to Send Me a Sample site
  • you can set up Google Alert for ‘send me a sample’ as that way you should be informed about any new sample products as soon as they get released.

Can I get free samples if I don’t have a smart speaker?

Not owning Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa device is not a problem

Simply download the Google Assistant app on your phone. Once you’ve got the app, just say: “Hey Google, Send Me a Sample”. That will secure you a free sample.

Why do companies give away free samples?

It is a positive association to get a product for free especially if you like the item. That means that you may come back to using this brand once you have tried your freebie. Furthermore, you may spread the word to your family and friends so ultimately ‘word of mouth’ marketing plays a role here too and that is the cheapest marketing strategy out of all available to raising and established brands.

I love the fact that technology such as personal assistants now or apps can save me a few ££ now and then. 

send me a sample questions and answers

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  1. Hi Martyna, I wanted to ask for some tips on money saving. I love to travel and have a 13 year old son who likes exploring different countries. Also I love cosmetics & perfumes so just want to ask best tips for samples.

    Many thanks

  2. Dear Allie, I collated some tips on this page: – in fact, I did update it today 🙂 I share there where from I get my freebies:-) I often post some cool deals on my FB page as well:

  3. Hi
    Thanks for the tips. I recently got the SB Reserve CBD oil. But i don’t remember how it’s used. Any advise please

  4. It depends. As this is a ‘weak’ CBD a few drops under the tongue should be enough

  5. Hi,

    How often do the sample update?

  6. Hard to say how often they update their offering but if you set up Google Alert for ‘send me a sample’ than you should be informed about any new sample products as soon as they get released.

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