Sunday , 19 November 2017

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How to Organise Perfect Wedding in Poland Stress-Free

How to organise wedding in Poland

Today is 8th of April – 301 days since I became MRs. My husband – Mike , family and friends know how important a number 301 is to me. Having worked ‘with the websites’ I become obsessed about using http response codes as ‘simple answers’ or my fav method of …

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How to achieve your goals and get a chance of winning £5000?

How to achieve your goals and get a chance to win £5000

Did you know that when setting a goal for yourself, you are much more likely to be successful in achieving it if you share the goal with family and friends? It has been proved by many researchers that the support you receive from family and friends throughout the process makes …

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What’s draining your household energy?

Whats draining your household energy

Household energy prices went up lately and it is a bit more difficult to save so much as we used to even when switching the utility providers…Nonetheless there are many things one can do to prevent higher energy/heating consumption. The first step is to figure out what exactly is causing …

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Mother’s Day Deals 2017 – mother’s day gifts which wont cost you much!

5 Mother's Days Gift Ideas

With Mother day around the corner you still have a week to get some nice presents for your mum, more importantly you can get some really nice gifts which wont cost you an arm and leg. This post contains some affiliate links – if you like  me buy when clicking through them if …

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10 Money Saving Tips – Spring 2017

10 Money Saving Tips – Spring 2017

Start Your Money-Saving from Home Most people have trouble saving because they think it only needs to be done with the monthly income, which sometimes is not usually enough. However great saving habits start small. Households present many opportunities to cut back on your spending and put more into your …

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How to save money on your Pastimes: Don’t overpay for leisure activities

How to Save Money on Hobbies

Saving money is great and makes us all feel good but we still need to enjoy ourselves. So how do you strike that balance between enjoying your leisure time and saving money at the same time? If your favourite pastime is money-saving then that’s great, but for most people, the …

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Money Hero of March 2017 –

Money Blogger of March 2017

I have been lucky to meet a very lovely lady – Naomi Willis from Loyalty Card Points. Check my interview with Naomi to find out more about her and her blog. Over to Naomi: 1. What do you blog about? I write about everything related to high street reward cards. Loyalty Card Points shows …

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Is bitcoin the currency of the future?

Is Bitcoin the currency of the future

​Ahhh! Bitcoins! Scary Internet jargon that only geeks are interested in… right? Not exactly. Bitcoins are actually really, really cool – and once you understand what they are, it’ll all fall into place. So, buckle up! It’s time to find out how this currency can affect your life.   First …

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