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Actionable money saving tips

How to save money easily now?

Easy money saving tips As per the latest research from GoCompare [1]: A third of Brits have experienced a drop in their income due to the COVID crisis.3.6 million people are worried about not being able to pay their bills.Most households (71%) are taking action to reduce their outgoings.On average, …

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how to cancel amazon prime

How to cancel Amazon Prime

How to resign from your Amazon Prime today??? If you have signed up for  the ‘one month free’ Amazon Prime offer but didn’t cancel it before the renewal date this article will show you how to cancel your membership. Cancelling Amazon Prime If you want to cancel your Prime subscription, …

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Sell clothes online

How to sell clothes online for cash?

I am sure I am not the only one thinking I have way too many clothes in my wardrobe. Actually being totally honest I probably do not but as I follow the KISS rule (keep it stupidly simple) I wear almost the same clothes all week long and only vary …

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Party Money Saving Tricks

Party Celebration Tips and Tricks to Save Money With

Whatever the reason for your celebration party, you want something special for them to share with family and friends. Not only is a cake a great idea, but there are other tips and treats that can save you money without it impacting on the enjoyment. Here we look at some …

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cheap iPad

Cheap iPads: How to buy the cheapest iPad, iPad Mini or iPad Pro

5 Tips for Saving Money when Buying an iPad An iPad is a very handy device, allowing you to enjoy all the features you would use in a laptop with the added advantage of being as portable as any smartphone. The main problem with these devices – and other Apple …

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safe travels during covid

4 Ways to travel safely and on a budget during COVID 19

Travelling has become harder since Covid-19 outbreak.Many international holiday plans got ruined. Travelling within the UK became also challenging as only since 8th of June people are allowed to meet in groups of maximum 6 people…With that in many places you are not supposed to travel more than 5 miles… …

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Save money during the pandemic with Gosavex

As the world comes to a halt, birthdays, weddings and any social gatherings are ruined and what was the “norm” before is now somewhat a distant memory, you may be worried about what the future holds and most importantly whether or not you can afford to go on holiday once …

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waitrose shopping deals

Waitrose shopping deals & tricks to save you money on groceries

I love Waitrose and shop there whenever I get their generous shopping vouchers. As they offer £8 off shopping of £40 which is 20% off the shopping. To save money at Waitrose you need. Start from getting myWaitrose card What does a free ‘MyWaitrose‘gives you? a free cup of tea or …

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