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Black Friday 2021 will there be good deals?

When is Black Friday 2021?

This year Black Friday is on 26.11.21, so a day after Thanksgiving as that is how originally this even started in the US. This means that Cyber Monday falls on 29.11.21.

In the past, Black Friday was a huge offline-focused event, whereas Cyber Monday was exclusively online. This year it’s a bit different and many Black Friday sales have already started… Last year Amazon started as early as on 26.10.20, so I expect they start it this year around 25.10.21… Additionally in 2020 Amazon launched its ‘Black Friday Week’ for 10 days from 20.11.20 and something similar may happen in 2021.

Will Black Friday 2021 be different from the previous ones?

Yes, as the competition is fierce as it moved largely online due to COVID & lockdowns. We have started seeing more and more ‘early deals’ starting in October not just early November. People look more for ‘early Black Friday deals’ as the online retailers start their sales much much earlier this year.

Are Black Friday deals real?

I tried to answer this question in my Black Friday experiment I run in 2017. In my old post, I analyzed the prices of random items (albeit popular ones) during Black Friday 2017, Boxing day and on a random day in January 2018. The verdict is: yes Black Friday deals are REAL and you can save up to 50% of the RRP if lucky. Many retailers will offer ‘click and collect’ services – that will help save money on delivery fees.

How good are Black Friday deals?

A good question. I would say it’s wise to keep an eye on the desired item in a run-up to Black Friday, so that way you may know if the Black Friday discount is good. I save my picks on Google Keep with their current prices so that I will be able to compare the Black Friday deals vs what it was ahead f the sale.

How to compare Black Friday deals prices to get the best deal?

Not all items on sale are always good deals even though most of the items sold during Black Friday are good deals.

I normally :

  1. Google the item I am after and see what prices appear in Google shopping results.

2. Use price comparison sites such as Idealo or PriceSpy.

I like that both sites show you its historical price (top right corner of the product page analyzed):

IDEALO historical price change and price alert
IDEALO historical price change and price alert

3. When shopping on Amazon I always use CamelCamelCamel to see how ‘real is the deal’ (pun not intended :-). You may get a browser extension called Camelizer and it will automatically show you the price history of a given product you consider buying on Amazon.

4. Check retailers outside of Amazon! John Lewis, Curry’s, AO.com as many do as good deals you may get cashback on or price match offers :-)–> always check T&Cs for details.

What usually sells well each Black Friday?

I am sure the flagship Amazon products or some of the analysed by me in the past will be still bargains this year. So

– Phones

Samsung Galaxy Price History

Check the models released last year 🙂 Set price alerts 🙂

However before you get a new phone check its features, for me the memory, storage and battery life alongside a decent camera were top specs to check. I got my Huawei Mate 10 in December 2018 on ebay.co.uk and I am still very happy with it – having spent £365 and on a contract which is free every month, I can’t complain as there is a huge ROI when buying just a handset and sorting a mobile phone contract for FREE if you manage 🙂 Use Compare My Mobile ahead of purchase if in doubt.

– Games and consoles

Check Nintendo Switch as its discounted every year 🙂 if you don’t care about colour turquoise is at £199 on Amazon.

Nintendo Switch Neon is at £278.48 whereas Nintendo Switch (Neon Red/Neon Blue) + Minecraft at £ 278.99 from 298.47 in 2020 on Amazon. Historically so in 2017 Nintendo console with Mario Rabbit was at £289.00

Xbox One S 1TB is at a rather good price at Amazon –>£249 (14/11/20) – 3 years ago Xbox One 500GB Minecraft Complete Adventure Console Bundle was at £169.99 (RPP £229.99). This year used Xbox One S 1TB is from £190 on Amazon.

Fitness trackers

I am in love with my Garmin. I have GARMIN vivomove 3S – Black & Gold and love it. I paid slightly over £118 as I used my Vitality discount to get it cheaper. Always check if you have any other perks at your disposal be it health insurance rewards or work discounts to see if the deals on gadgets are the best ones for you.

This year I am after Garmin vivosmart 4 Smart Activity Tracker and it was at £71.99 since Amazon Prime Day on Amazon in 2020, so far the black one cost £85 this year so we will see if it’s price drops closer to Black Friday.

I will also research Fitbit as it was 35% off Fitbit Inspire 2 in 2020–>£89.99 now from £138.99 in a bundle with free Google Nest Mini at Currys PC World. However, I am a bit skeptical about it being owned by Google – don’t want them to discontinuous trackers support next year…so far it cost £138.98

– TVs

Check Currys for a multitude of deals and nice price comparison between them Amazon, Jon Lewis and Argos – they will save you some time and hopefully some money too.

– Health gadgets

Amazon usually has Oral-B toothbrushes at great prices (currently £109.99) they usually have the tootbrush at almost £200 before Black Friday! The same goes for hair removal devices from Phillips, this model ( I have it and recommend it) was as low as £489.00 in 2020 now at £549…

– Alcohol

Johnnie Walker usually is at a good price on Amazon. Now 42.89 in 2017 its price was as low as £28.99!!!! At the moment various labels are between £20 – 52.

– Amazon gadgets

Typically Kindle Paperwhite, Amazon Firestick or Amazon tablets will be at amazing prices during Black Friday. Last year Amazon Echo Dot 3rd Generation was at £19.99 on Amazon!

Usually, they cost the same at John Lewis or Curry’s so ensure you get your cashback before headed there. If you gonna use Topcashback you may use my referral code.

Apple Products

Currently, iPad mini 64GB costs $70 but it was at £334.80 on Amazon in 2020 which was 11% cheaper than normal. When Googling this product be careful that for example cheaper iPads at ARGOS have different specs.

Things I will look forward to analysing prices this Black Friday:

  1. Books
  2. Dog toys, supplements and accessories
  3. Kindle Paperwhite
  4. Reflective rucksack for when I motorcycle
  5. Robot Hoover – I recently bought one for my mother in law so will analyse if that deal was even better than those during Black Friday!
  6. Supplements such as liposomal vit C or immuno boosters and herbs.
  7. Plant Protein

I have some FREE Amazon codes to turn into codes as I do Shop& Scan my grocery weekly. So, all in all, I shall have about £60 extra to finance my shopping – should I find the deals I am after. I will report back – so stay tuned!

Black Friday deals and sales 2021

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