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The BEST Free Food From Apps UK

What are the best free food apps UK?

It depends on what you are after: a one-time-off deal or an ongoing deal. There are a variety of free food apps in the UK for either purpose. Let’s see which are the best apps that help you get free food in uk.

How to get free food?

You can get a variety of free food from the supermarkets, at the restaurants, in fast food and even from your neighbours. Check the best apps that help you get free food in UK.

Free food apps – restaurants

Many restaurants allow you to claim free food right away.

Burger King

Free Burger – Burger King App will allow you to get a free Whopper on your first order with a £3 spend. So basically, buy one burger and get another free burger alongside. Great deal for fast food freebie lovers weekly.

Taco Bell

Free taco – from any Taco Bell restaurant up to a month after you download the app. It is a new UK chain growing fast in the UK. You will also get 50 Taco Bell Supreme rewards points (add 150 more points to get free Churros or Cinnamon Twists).


Free side such as hot wings or popcorn chicken, soft drinks, sundaes, or regular fries– from KFC thanks to the KFC’s loyalty app Colonel’s Club. Simply sign up to qualify (you get 3 chicken stamps =free side).

Restaurants where you can free food thanks to Club Card

You can get 3x of the points value in restaurants affiliated with Clubcard

50p gives you £1.5 to spend at:

  • Zizzi
  • Prezzo
  • Ask Italian
  • Bella Italia
  • Pizza Express
  • Café Rouge

Restaurants where you can get free food thanks to Topcashback

Tastecard – not free but 2 for 1 or 50% off food means 1 of the meals is ultimately ‘for free’

Tasecard card allows you to benefit from 2-4-1 or 50% off offers in about 6000+ restaurants in the UK. These include Pizza Hut, Zizzi, Bella Italia, ASK, Cafe Rouge, Strada, Prezzo and many more. Get yours

60-day free trial.  Ensure you cancel the membership afterward, as it renews at £5.99 a month after the trial expires. If you enjoyed Tastecard you can get an annual membership for £39.99.

Gourmet Society Card – similar to Tastecard this card offers you 25% off dining or cinema visits. They also offer 60-day free trial, an annual pass for £39.99, and also pay as you go monthly card for £5.99

Multiple Restaurants – Birthday Freebies

You can get loads of freebies on your birthday and many of those include ‘free food’. Usually, you need to sign up for a newsletter of a certain restaurant to be sent a voucher ahead of your birthday.

Check my birthday freebies post for some more details.

Free after a loyal spent:


Free 6th hot drink – get 5 stamps when buying 5 hot drinks at McDonald’s. Get McDonald’s app now to get 20% off Mcdonald’s products for your first order having downloaded the app& other offers or freebies that pop up for app users including their Monday offers. Earn points and redeem for rewards

Costa Coffee

Costa Coffee

Costa will get you free 8th coffee or 5th coffee if you bring your reusable cup to get the first 4 coffees using it. They also offer a free cake on your birthday and other exclusive rewards and half of the free drink bonus when you install the app (scroll down for the referral code activating that). There are millions of prizes to be won with the app- so don’t wait just install it 😊. Use the invite code: WRB9Z when registering the Costa Coffee Club app to get 5 FREE beans (8 beans = free Costa drink of your choice)

Caffe Nero

Get any sized hot drink for 350 Nectar points at Caffe Nero.  As 1 Nectar point is worth 0.5p it means we are spending £1.75 on any size drink at Nero – not a bad deal considering their frappes are for £4…


How to get cheap coffee at Nero with Nectar

  1. Get a QR code voucher online by spending 350 points
  2. Your QR code voucher will be located in your ‘saved’ section in your app or on your desktop 
  3. Show your QR code voucher to a barista in-store when ordering your drink
  4. You will receive an email to confirm your redemption (no need to print it)


I usually get a free Coffee Nero hot drink – it is 1 per month for O2 members. But I also saw free food available at Greegs.

Krispy Kreme – Free Doughnut

Sign up to the Krispy Kreme loyalty scheme to get a FREE doughnut just for joining Rewards.

You can pick up the free doughnut either in a Tesco with a Krispy Kreme counter or in an actual store.

Supermarkets – Free Food from Apps UK

You can pick up a lot of free food in the supermarkets. Check my other post comparing supermarkets when doing regular grocery shopping.

But now let’s check how to get free food from apps in the supermarket:


Get free Pringles when you sign up to Shopmium, simply use my referral code 25T4Y to get a free can of Pringles ( you need to claim at least one cashback offer to get that). Once you download the app you will be able to get some freebies and discounts on a variety of foods in the most popular UK supermarkets.  

Claiming Shopmium offers is super easy simply upload the receipt stating purchase and scan the bar code of the purchased item. You’ll then get sent the money spent back to your PayPal or bank account. Read more about Shopmium here.

Green Jinn

Similar concept to Shopmium, even easier in execution. Every week they change items that qualify for a cashback. Simply add the item to a basket after you download the Green Jinn app and add a receipt after the shopping to claim your money back. Ensure to upload the receipt by Sunday as every Monday the offers change so the previous week’s claims need to be done by the end of Sunday

Free Food Sharing – Olio

An app called Olio will allow you to share and pick up food from your neighbours. It’s a great way to save on some of the wanted food as well as reduce waste if you were to create too much of certain dishes yourself. All offers available on Olio are listed and given for free.

Too Good to Go

Too Good To Go is a mobile application that connects customers to restaurants and stores that have unsold food surplus. The application covers major European cities, and in October 2020, started operations in North America. It works super well in London. Its main idea is to reduce food waste and therefore you can count on some free food toward the end of the day. Check out their site: https://toogoodtogo.co.uk/en-gb and download the app to enjoy some free food ASAP.

Other food waste-reducing apps: https://www.oddbox.co.uk/blog/7-apps-that-are-helping-reduce-food-waste

Conclusion – Free Food Apps

As shown, there are many ways to secure free food in the UK. It’s fun and always satisfying and most of the time super easy!

Do you know any free ways to get food I haven’t shared here? If so feel free to let me know please 😊

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