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Apple Student Discount- steps

How to get Apple Student Discount – Student or Not- Simple Steps

How to get Apple Student Discount? Most Apple users don’t know about the Apple education store or don’t think it may apply to them. However, Apple doesn’t make it easy for us to find that part of their website. So do not miss on the Apple discount because of that! …

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Cheap flights finding and booking

How to Get Cheap Flights

This post does not contain any affiliate links. It is my genuine view on how to save money when finding cheap flights online. I STOPPED buying flights directly from cheap airlines sites or flight scanner sites a while ago and today I will share with you why. Let’s analyse a random …

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TopCashBack Autumn Treats

TopCashBack Autumn Trick or Treat Giveaway -Answers & Clues 2019💰

This is a post from 2019 but a fresh one is available here Today on 21/10/2019 TopCashBack started another edition of TCB Trick or Trweatr giveaway! This time its Halloween Treats 🙂 Can you guess what today’s top clue is? Find the hummingbird & pick up some student treats for a …

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7 things you'd not think I do

7 Things you would not think I do…

This post is not about saving money although my thrifty ways may shine through it anyway 🙂 So what are the 7 things you’d not think I do?   1.  Ride a motorcycle Those who follow me know that I ride a motorcycle. I started at the age of 30 and …

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Pure Planet

How to switch energy supplier – Step by Step

I am fed up with my current gas and electricity provider: First Utility. They used to be good and I suppose in many respects still are… But they didn’t show up twice when I was exchanging my smart meter (ok they reimbursed me for that but it was an inconvenience)n and …

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stundent treats tcb 2018

TopCashBack Students Treats Answers 2018 – clues & answers 💰

For current competition clues visit this post 🙂 Today on 29/08/2018 TopCashBack started another edition of TCB Treats giveaway! This time its Student Treats 🙂  Can you guess what today’s top clue is? Find the hummingbird & pick up some student treats for a chance to win £1,500! Good luck …

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TCB Back To School Giveway

TopCashback Back 2 School Treats Giveaway 2019 💰

Today on 23/08/2019 TopCashBack started another edition of TCB Back to School Treats giveaway! As you know the aim of the TopCashback giveaway is to guess the brand hidden behind the flying hummingbird when using daily clues. Go on TopCashback site to see Humminbird at the bottom of the page- click …

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Matched Betting Explained

Matched Betting Explained – Place 1st Bet -VIDEO-Questions & Answers

1. What is matched betting? Matched betting (known also as double betting or back or lay bet matching) is a betting technique using FREE bets and incentives offered by bookmakers to gain the profit. It is risk-free if done correctly and for the right type of bet as it is …

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