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How to sell clothes online for cash?

Sell clothes online

I am sure I am not the only one thinking I have way too many clothes in my wardrobe. Actually being totally honest I probably do not but as I follow the KISS rule (keep it stupidly simple) I wear almost the same clothes all week long and only vary …

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Cheap iPads: How to buy the cheapest iPad, iPad Mini or iPad Pro

cheap iPad

5 Tips for Saving Money when Buying an iPad An iPad is a very handy device, allowing you to enjoy all the features you would use in a laptop with the added advantage of being as portable as any smartphone. The main problem with these devices – and other Apple …

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Waitrose shopping deals & tricks to save you money on groceries

waitrose shopping deals

I love Waitrose and shop there whenever I get their generous shopping vouchers. As they offer £8 off shopping of £40 which is 20% off the shopping. To save money at Waitrose you need. Start from getting myWaitrose card What does a free ‘MyWaitrose‘gives you? a free cup of tea or …

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